Welcome to our Little Sprouts Learning Garden!

Ours is a Reggio Emelia inspired, nature and play based, outdoor environment where children, ages 18 months to 4 years old, learn, grow and blossom.

With our children busy at work, us Mamas (& Papas) can tend to our own personal and professional development, either in our co-working studio, during one of our hands-on healing sessions, or more.

We are excited to share with you our weekly ongoings and activities here on our blog. Check in often for photos of our kids in action as well as easy, DIY activities for your family to enjoy at home!

DIY fun and not-so-messy activity to do with your toddler:

Go for a nature walk around your yard or neighborhood and, with your child, try to identify the names of the plants, trees or shrubs that you notice along the way. Collect some organic materials that are laying about. You could even make up a story with the items you find. Perhaps, you have a special nature hike basket to take along with you too. Bring a little snack in your basket and enjoy your time. Together, you can look up at the clouds, count the cars or houses you pass along the way and point out the colors of other objects you see. Pack a snack or lunch in your basket and then return home to do a winding down craft.

When you return home, tape down a large piece of contact paper to a table and then, with your found items, create an amazing sun catcher to hang in your window. You can add tissue paper for bright colors as well as any other small craft, or reusable, items you have.

We have also been observing the Maple trees in our backyard. They lost their leaves in fall and have been barren all winter, so the kids collected some sticks and created a collage of winter trees with tacky glue and paint.

We are all so grateful that we get to be outdoors exploring nature at the Co-op.