Vision, Values & Culture

Mama’s (& Papa’s) Co-op is a Woman and Child Centered Space.

Deeply involved within the processes of our personal & collective transformation, we are a community sometimes awkwardly expanding beyond that which we have known. Other times, we are village members profoundly triggered in the spaces where we are most rigid and constricted. We welcome the messy process of this growth.

All are welcome here. (This is not a promise of safety, however. Rather, this is the promise of potential and the belief in a common meeting space where, if we all come together and ask for what we need then, we will create the Village we all must have in order to thrive.)

From Mamas who want to be full-time, hands-on with their children to women who want to build businesses and be out in the world, Mama’s Co-op Encinitas aims to support the expression, expansion and evolution of women & their families.
At our cooperative, we work together to co-create:

  • A Safe Space for Our Children to Explore, Play, Learn & Grow;
  • Connection & Emotional Support for Women & their Children
    (with 1 Women’s Conversational Circle Facilitated/Month);
  • Personal Business “Office Hours” in our Studio;
  • Continued Personal & Professional Development (with 1 Workshop/Quarter);
  • Trustworthy Babysitting Services in our Little Sprouts Learning Garden;
  • Music, Movement & Art Facilitation;
  • Gluten-Free, Vegan Snacks;
  • Art & Music Supplies;
  • & MORE.

Expectations of our cooperative members for “how” we do this:

  • Our intention is to practice mindfulness and presence when we are here at the cooperative.
  • We intend to breathe more, find more spacious stillness and to lean in to our discomfort. (I.e. If our child acts out, we aim to move into the situation with compassion & gentleness, in lieu of shaming and removing them.)
  • We aim to ask for help when we need it and to offer it as often as we can.
  • We pitch in on all elements that make our cooperative work: including making snacks in the kitchen; leading art, music & movement activities; diligently watching the children; cleaning up at the end of the day (toys put away, dishes washed, floor swept, rugs vacuumed, etc.)
  • We are fierce when the moment calls for it and unafraid to demand “No.” and “STOP!” when it is necessary.We are wise in our choices, actions and decisions.
  • We turn to each other for support when we don’t know what to do.


  • Respect: Our children are innately intelligent. They were born to thrive.
  • Consistency: We model and apply healthy boundaries as well as appropriate consequences for destructive behavior.
  • Sustainability: We repurpose materials, as we attempt to move away from the throw-away culture that our Big-Box store (& education) models promote, and instead towards modeling for our children a symbiotic relationship with Mama Earth.
  • Equity: We approach each of our children with fairness and impartiality. Our children are shown a diverse array of ways in which they can “handle life.”
  • Wisdom: We inspire wise choices by modeling empathy, compassion, responsibility and common sense.
  • Village: We emerge from the isolation that we were raised within and work towards something else.
  • Process: We accept the messiness of “how” to do any of this. We welcome the mistakes and imperfections, as well as the chaos and confusion that may result in our not knowing “how.”
  • Nature: We celebrate nature and nudity, bare feet and messes.
  • Experience: We honor that life sometimes hurts and, so, our children (as well as us) sometimes get hurt, too. We acknowledge that we are inept at many things. We commit to trying our best at communicating openly and authentically relating to and with each other (as well as our children). We also intend to stay with any discomfort that may arise and to keep coming back towards our sense of center when we feel out of sorts.


  • When our children demonstrate a desire to play with sticks, we will play sticks with them in order to teach them the many ways of “stick utilization.”
  • We do take precautions in offering a physically safe environment for our children, however we acknowledge that accidents do happen. We do not fear getting hurt.
  • Rather than chasing after our children, we calmly walk up to them, and ask for what we need (or, for what we need them to do). We set limits and practice reasonable consequences.
  • We encourage children to move from their places of curiosity. We stand nearby to catch them if they fall and we guide them if they need help (before we say, “No, don’t” or take them away from something)
  • We treat children like the little human beings they are. We do not dismiss them or talk down to them. We sidle up next to them and meet them at their eye level.


We refer to all Mamas as “Mama _______.”
I.e. Mama Cara, Mama Diana, Mama Raina

We refer to all Papas as “Papa ______”
I.e. Papa Burt, Papa Scott, Papa Dale

Adults without children of their own are Aunties and Uncles, & our Elders are bestowed respect.
(Abuelita or Grandma, etc.)


32 cooperative hours offered monthly, including:

One (1) intimate, women’s connecting circle per month;

One (1) movement activity for Mama & Me per month;

One (1) gardening session for Mama & Me per month;

One (1) leadership and/or business workshop per quarter;

One (1) optional Field Trip Friday organized/month;

Quarterly family events, including seasonal family camping;

& More!


to raise connected, loving children;
to support our personal as well as collective emotional, intellectual & financial growth;
& to build thriving businesses together, & alongside our children.


to Co-Create a Thriving Village.


Time spent in our Learning Garden can look like:
Songs & Music Making
Free Play Inside & Outside
Facilitated Inside Activity (Reading, Art Making, etc)
Vegan, Organic Snack Time
Facilitated Outside Activity (painting, chalk, etc)
Water Play
Guest Presenters (musicians, yogis, etc)

Membership Dues:
$300 – 420/month*

More questions?

Please email


Cara @ (619) 779-1944