Little Sprouts Learning Garden

Where children learn, grow, and blossom

We Are: a home-based, outdoor program for children, ages 18 months to 4 years old. All of our learning takes place in our outdoor space, which includes a permaculture garden along with nature and play-based activities. Our children have many opportunities to run barefoot and be one with nature. We are located in Cardiff, Ca.

Our curriculum is a fusion of a few different teaching philosophies, including Reggio-Emilia and Montessori. We believe that children learn best through interactions with each other and their environment. We believe in core values, such as empathy, kindness, and compassion, and we model them for our children to see. We encourage a balance of structured activities as well as free choice time and imaginative play. We plan our curriculum based on the children’s interests and passions through careful observations, and we support and guide them in a safe, loving environment.  

Parent involvement and participation is a vital part of our program. We encourage our mama (& other parent) assistants to engage with our children in order to help them to grow socially, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. We offer monthly events where moms, dads and other family figures can participate with their children in a fun and interactive way.